SOLD - Dock Pile Driving Barge

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Price: U.S. $ 80,000.00


Length 25
Breadth 12
Location Near Rochester New York
Fuel Consumption  


Please note: the items that are underlined and in bold red print in this ad is what makes this barge different than what others are selling. 

This is a beautifully designed pile driving barge by an experienced operator.

In the late summer of 2005 the owner went into a contract agreement with Marine Pile Driver LLC. After several conversations and a few design changes, they purchased this  12 x 25 ft. Marine Pile Driver with a 8' extension, which has a hydraulic hammer, derrick and spuds, powered by a 20 HP electric start Honda engine and a 20 gallon gas tank.  

This unit includes a MPD-220 hammer, which can deliver 110 ton of striking force for piling up to 14" round schedule 40 pipe. The height of the derrick allows for driving piling up to 28 ft. long sections at a time and we also have a 9,000 lb. hydraulic winch for extracting piles and setting up piles to be driven. The derrick can be extended if needed.

The derrick and all four (4) spuds are hydraulically moveable for ease of operation. The spuds also allow the barge to remain stable and they will lift the barge completely out of the water in high wave conditions.

The barge is equipped with custom built helm with a driver seat and under storage for batteries, etc. it also has ten (10) sealed compartments which can be used as ballast tanks, for leveling off the barge. 

 The barge can be placed at a perpendicular angle to a pier or boat dock in order to drive numerous piling in line for stringers with one movement. With the 8ft. extension the derrick and hammer will travel from the front of the extension  to the center of the barge, which is approximately 18 ft.  This enables you to drive numerous piles without moving the barge, slide the derrick back and drive additional piling.  The stringers can then be bolted or welded on before moving the barge. this gives you a straight and stable work area for staging your project. 

The barge is also fitted the barge with twin 1999 115 hp evinrude out board motors both with less than 300 hrs. each. Both motors are two stroke oil injected with power trim and new props on each. Also included, a custom fabricated a 100 gal. fuel tank for the motors, with a auxilury port to tie in the Honda motor for the hydraulic pump. This unit also has a custom built aluminum dash to house all our controls, gauges, tachs, alarms and steering wheel.

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