Sold - Water Clean-up Barge

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Please see the description below for this Water Clean-up Barge.  The barge was used to clean debris from intake gates at a power plant.  She is presently in Miami, South Florida.  It is made up of 2 - 8'x35' and 1-10'x35' Barges. 


Price: U.S. $ 30,000.00



Synopsis:  Power plant has a floating dredge to clear weeds and seaweed from the intake canals.  Unit looks like a barge with a containment building covering the engine, PTO and operator station.  Dredge floated in canal and used hi-pressure nozzles to blow apart debris and allow for free-flowing cooling water.  Unit is still water-borne, no longer in use.

       Operating Components

v       Cummins M11 350HP Engine Family-YCEXL0661AAA MFG. Date 11/04, part# 35114152, Idle Spd. 650-1000 RPM

v       Monarch Industries Deck Pump Model# NTGL155 Type A, s/n 4804, Speed. 2,200 RPM, Dial Amps 15.5.

v        PTO Twin Disc Model # SP214P1, s/n 1K5035.

v       Onan Marine GenSet Model# 9MDKAV-2743B, s/n K040711767 AC-120 V 75 Amps.

v       Starter Cummins, Wet 12V Wet CW, part# 3103915, s/n 20004004J30144327KA.

v       Engine Port Alternator Cummins: 12V 160 Amps, part# 3935529, s/n 04J24.

v       Michigan Fluid Power: Back Heat Exchanger, Model# B1602C6FBRCNB.7, Temp. 350F, Shell 250psi, Tubes 150psi, s/n 349710.

v       Hayward Super Pump, HP 115/230V, RPM 3450 Amps, Max. 11.0/5.5 1081 Design ST 1072 Model# C48R2N143C2C, S/N 8D07.

v       2 Stainless Steel Pumps: Port # 1480 & #1481

       Structural Components:  Barge structure is comprised of 3 sections, 2 @ 8’ x 35’ and 1 @ 10’ x 35’ and can be separated to be used as floating work platforms.


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