De-Listed - Workshop Barge

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Price: U.S. $ 350,000.00


  Feet Meters
Length 221.4 67.5
Breadth 43.95 13.4
Depth 12.14 3.7
Draft 5.25 1.6


Flag Latvian
Year Built 1982
Last Drydocked
Location Latvia
Class LMA


Light Weight 1,272
Barge Construction Material Reinforced Concrete
Generators 2 x 160 KWT
1 x 25 KWT


The FRS consists of the following working sectors and workshops fully supplied with industrial equipment and tools:

1.  Store of materials, castings and spare parts.
2.  A sector of accumulators’ charging.
3.  Electrical repairing sector.
4.  Copper-covering sector.
5.  Tin-plate sector.
6. Blacksmith’s sector.
7.  Painting sector.
8. Joiner -carpenter’s sector.
9. Universal chemical laboratory.
10. Tool shop.
11.  Sector of refrigerating equipment’s repairing.
12.  Radio-repairing sector.
13.  Fitter-mechanical sector.
14.   Sector for adjusting and repair of the fuel-supplying equipment.
15. Administrative premises’ block (works management, 2 living cabins, medical block, galley, 100 seated dining-room, toilets,
showers, cloak room, sauna, saloon).
16. FRS’s staff is 4 persons permanently living in 2 passenger cabins.
17. Total number of working places on board of FRS is 96.






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