SOLD - Self-propelled Causeway Barge
3 Available

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This is a self propelled ex-Navy causeway barge that has been painted since the photos were taken.  The owner reports them to be in excellent condition with only 198 and 191 hours on the main engines of one of the units.  She has a 55 gallon stainless hydraulic oil tank.  The engines are outfitted with sea chests and selector valves for raw water cooling.  She has a fire suppression system with 3 - 50 pound bottles permanently piped.  Her electrical system has 4 each 12 volt batteries and the pilot house has Morse cable controls.  Each space has 2 bilge pumps forward and aft.  The machinery space has 6 each nitrogen filled accumulators that provide power and assistance to the hydraulic system.  The replacement cost is $1,200,000.00. 

The Photos Below are File Photos and not the actual barges.


Price: U.S. $ 104,500.00 FIRM EACH


Feet Meters
Length 90 27.4
Width 22'8" 6.4
Depth 5' 2" 1.5
Draft 2 .61
Speed 8 Knots
Range 15 GPH









Flag US
Year Built 1985
Where Built USA
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Cargo Capacity 58 Tons
Main Engines 2 - Detroit 8-71 Turbo's
Transmissions 2 - Allison
Fuel Tank 625 Gallon Stainless
Weight 100 Tons Approx.










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