De-Listed - FSO Double Hull Tank Barge

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The double hulled 17,000 BBL FSO Production Eagle is a purposely designed barge for the processing and storage of crude oil. It was originally built in 2000. It was then put into operation. It was decommissioned in 2002 The processing capacity of the Production Eagle is 10.000 BPD of heavy oil and 5 MMSCFD at 30 psig and 75 ˚F with a discharge pressure of 850 psig. The facility can be modified to produce 40,000 BPD of low API oil and 5 MMSCFD. The design specifications were calculated using the API standards and the construction specifications of the vessels using the ASME code.
This barge in its present condition is equipped with the following production equipment: production header, heating system, oil and gas separation system, well test system, gas scrubber, storage and oil pumping system, fuel gas scrubber and filter, gas compression system, relief and depressurizing system and a anti-foam chemical injection system.


Price: US $ 11,000,000.00


Feet Meters
Length 213 65
Width 56 17
Depth 15 4.6
Draft 10 3.0









Flag Trinidad & Tobago
Year Built 2000
Location Northern South America
Class No
Last Dry-dock 2008/2010
GRT/DWT 12##/390
Cargo Capacity 17,000 BBLS
Cargos 12 Tanks with 6 pumps (1 per two tanks).  She can store 6 different products










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