SOLD - RoRo /LoLo Ship

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Price: U.S. $750,000.00


Feet Meters
Length (LOA) 347.6 106
Breadth 55.7 17
Draft (Winter) 1.75 532 mm
Speed 12 Knots





Flag Panama
Year Built 1975
Current Location
Last Dry-docked
GRT/NRT 5,304/1591
DWT 4,278
Lightweight 2971




Main Engine

Diesel  3,770 PS 5,000 BHP Mitsubishi 8 UET 45/80 D

Generator 2 - Yanmar 6 MAL.HT 260 KVA 440 Volts 60 Hz.
Bow Thruster  
Consumption 12 Knots on ABT 12 M/Tons/D +1 M/Tons/day Gas Oil


Cargo Data

Gear 2 x 20 Tons @ 30 Degrees
Hatches on Deck 2 - 13x10.4 Meters
2 - 42.6x34.1 Feet
Hatches on Tween 2 - 7.15x5.2 Meters
2 - 23.4x17.0
Deck Strength Tank Top Tween 4.5 Tons/Square Meter
Cars 200 Pieces


Lower Hold

The access to lower Hold Nr. 1 and 2 is only available by the tween hatches
(pontoon type) with the vessel cranes or (port cranes) The hold is not serve by elevators.

Dimensions of access hatches to lower hold are:
Hatch No 1   7.15 meters length x 5.1 meters wide
Hatch No. 2  7.15 meters length x 5.1 meters wide

 Lower hold No.1 Dimensions 23.3 m (L) x 13.40 m (W) 5.3 m (H)
Lower hold No.2 Dimensions (decreasing due to ballasting tanks)

 Tween Deck

The access to Tween Deck ( only one hold in tween deck with four different
Dimensions- free space from the ramp access to fidley aisle space at

Portside/starboard tween deck car decks) could be by deck hatches 
(Pontoons hatches) (With the vessel cranes or port cranes) and/or by the Ramp.
In the middle of the tween, vessel has derrick bushing, which does not affect 
essential operation of access.

 Between access ramp and quarter deck, vessel has a Fidley.
Free space from access ramp to Fidley as per Master plan enclosed.

Two laterals aisle space from Fidley till tween deck entry:
Portside of Fedley (aisle space) 12M(L) x 5.80M (W)

 Hatch No1. = 13M (L) x 10.4M (W)
Hatch No2. = 13M (L) x 10.4M (W)

 Each Hatch is covered by four pontoons.

Crew will need about 20 minutes for opening Hatches.
The pontoon are deposited by vessel crane in free deck space (bends) between 
hatches and derricks.


Ramp Dimensions  

Length                                    14 Meters
Width                                      4.15Meters

 Access Door (Ramp)  

Wide                                       4.50 Meters
High                                        4.22 Meters

Elevators (serving only to car decks)

 Two elevators platform type situated one in portside and one on starboard 
Each elevator can load one car by operation. After finishing loading car decks, 
you can leave the platform up or down.

The maximum between car deck is 1.5 Meters. 
Vessel has three car decks.  Car decks are losing breadth in tiers.

 Meters of each Car Deck  

Car deck No.1 = 184.33 M2
Car deck No.2 = 154.26 M2
Car deck No.3 = 136.56 M2

Dimensions approx of car deck  

Car deck No.1 = Length 16 M High 1.50 M
Car deck No.2 =                               
Car deck No.3 =                               

 Cubic Capacity  

No. 1 Cargo Hatch                4.401 cbft Bale                      4,238 cbft Grain
No. 2 Cargo Hatch                4,401 cbft Bale                      4,238 cbft Grain
Tween Deck                          277,643 cbft Bale                 291,145 cbft Grain
Hold No. 1                              65,850 cbft Bale                    69,714 cbft Grain
Hold No. 2                              76,967 cbft Bale                    82,639 cbft Grain
Total -------------------------- 425,262 cbft Bale                   451,974 cbft Grain

In Meters                                12,042 cbm Bale                  12,798 cbm Grain


On deck                                  1.5 Mtons/per M2
On tween                                4.5 Mtons/per M2
On top                                     4.5 Mtons/per M2

Deck Cargo

12 x40 Container (or equivalent) total maximum weight 200 Mtons.

Square Meters

Weather Deck                       511.96 M2
Car Deck                               481 M2
Tween Deck from Ramp till car Decks= 100,48 M2
Lower Hold No.1 = 286 M2
Lower Hold No.2 = 325.6 M2


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