De-Listed - 2 - Truckable Barge

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These NEW build barges.   They are epoxy coated.
The construction of the barge is 1/4 inch platting on the complete barge. There is a 6 inch C-Channel main truss.  On top of the trusses there is a 5 inch C-channel every 14 inches on centers running the length of the barge.  On the bottom there is a 3 inch C-channel every 16 3/4 inches on centers.  The connecting angle is 4x4x5/8 inch angle.   All seams below water are welded inside and out all plate joints are butted together not lapped. Barge come sand blasted outside with 2 coats of coal tar epoxy.   All barge section come with one 18" watertight hatch.  


Price: U.S. $ 63,350.00 FIRM FOB ILLINOIS

Optional Additions
Centerline Bulkhead: $1,400.00 includes additional access.
Kevel: $180.00 Each welded on deck
8 Inch Spud Well:
8 Inch Spud:            Per Foot


Length 48
Breadth 12
Depth 4
Draft 8.5 Inches
Deck Rating 3,200 lbs per 18x18 sq. feet
Spud Wells (no spuds) 2 - 10 inch


















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