Suction Hopper Dredge

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Price: U.S. $547,500.00  FIRM


  Feet Meters
Length 203 61.9
Width 26.9 8.2
Depth 9.8 3.0
Draft 8.77 2.7
Fuel Consumption  


Flag Serbia
Year Built 1963
Last Drydocked  
Location Serbia
Class Suction Hopper Dredger


Cargo Capacity 400 Cubic Meters



Main Engines

Volvo 480 HP
Generators Mercedes Benz 190 HP - 80 KW
Propeller Single
Fuel Capacity 17,500 Liters
Bow Thruster Volvo 360 HP


2012 we changed and inbuilt new steel plates d=8mm approx 500m2 (almost whole underwater part of the hull).
- The whole ship was painted outside.
- the main engine Volvo 480 hp 2013 was made total raparation.
-One engine Mercedes 130 hp, 190 hp from aggregate suppliers we made total renovation in 2012.
-80% electrical installation was made new in 2013.
-All locker for electricity and electronics is new from 2013.
-On the front part of the ship we made living accommodation 2012 completely new.
-There is two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one toilet.
-2012 we inbuilt new floor of cargo space (steel plates d=10mm), 130 m2.
-In ship was inbuilt dredge pump (made by RAPID) for gravel and sand and completely suction/pressure line (2012)
-Pressure line have hydraulics opening and closed gates- the air equal 9 hydraulics cylinders on whole line.
-2012 was made completely new command bridge with ALU doors, windows and new console, joysticks, switchers and new electronics.
-Living accommodation back have 3 bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one toilet and one bathroom.
-Ship has reserve propeller.
-The ship is registered in Serbia.
-The ship is available now.
-Ship is capable to load other vessels or barges.


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