SOLD - Tween Deck/RoRo Geared Cargo Vessel

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This vessel has a 15 SWL capacity Crane and was built in 1977.  She has one hold with two hydraulic McGregor hatch covers, the hatch covers open on the front part of the deck and is accessible by the crane.  She also has a tweendeck with hydraulically operated deck openings as well.  The height of the mast is 55 feet or 16.76 meters.  Having inspected her, she appears in very good condition and is actively trading.  She has a side loading door with elevator on the Starboard side as well as a stern door.

Committed to a charter until October 2012.


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Price: U.S. $  1,364,000.00


  Feet Meters
Length  207.6 63.3
Breadth 36 11
Draft  12' 3" 3.77
Speed 10 Knots
Consumption 50 Gallons/Hour



Flag Ecuador
Year Built 1977 Norway
Current Location Ecuador
Last Dry-docked May  2010
Annual Survey  
Class ISB, Isthmus Bureau of Shipping, Panama
Load Coefficient 0.72
GRT/NRT 4##/3##
DWT 1,087 MT
Bale Capacity 8,500 Cubic Feet
Crane Capacity 15 Tons
Hatch Covers McGregor
Elevator 2 - 3.5 Tons each



Main Engine Caterpillar D399 - 1,125 HP
Replaced March 2004
Generator 3 - Caterpillar 3304  80 KW each
Propulsion Single Screw Variable Pitch Propeller
Bow Thruster 80 KW
Fuel Capacity 15,600 Gallons
Fuel Consumption 55 GPH Total with generators MDO


Container Capacity

  20 Foot Containers 40 Foot Containers
Weather deck 20x20' 7x40' plus 4x20'
Tweendeck 6x20' 2x40' plus 2x20'
Tank Top 6x20' 2x40' plus 2x20'
TOTAL 32x20' 11x40' plus 8x20'
Hatch Opening 22 feet wide X 70 Feet Long


Deck Area

  Square Feet Square Meters
Weather deck 4,359 405
Tweendeck 5,543 515
Tank Top 4,664 375
TOTAL 13,939 1,295



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