SOLD - Container/Cargo Ship

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The owner also offers her for charter.  This gearless vessel is in South Florida available for inspection.   Her 181 TEU capacity is arrived at with 91 TEUS in the hold and 90 TEUS (High Cube Permitted) on deck including 32 Reefer points. She has pontoon hatch covers.  She has two large generators for the Reefers.   We have inspected this vessel and found it to be very well maintained.  She has lift off pontoon hatches.


Price: U.S. $  1,850,000.00


  Feet Meters
Length 295 90.4
Breadth 46 14.5
Draft  20.4 6.24
Speed 12
Consumption 8  MT/MDO


Flag Panama
Year Built 1972 - Germany
Current Location Trading Miami
Last Dry-docked March 2006 - South Carolina
Class NCBV
Certificates US Trade Ready
GRT/NRT 2556/1036
DWT 4200
DWTCC 4000
Container Fitted 181 TEU with 40 Reefer Plugs
Holds Strengthened for heavy cargo
Hold Grain/Bale 205,850 Grain
195,470 Bale



Main Engine MWM 3,000 HP
Propeller Single
Bow Thruster Fitted
Generator 6 Generators
Air-conditioning System Yes
Bunker Capacity 171 MT MGO/MDO



Approx.  Fuel Consumption 8 tons/day MGO
Fuel Capacity 171 MT
Ballast Water 1,024 MT
Fresh Water 62 MT





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